Heaven's Gate


I had the most beautiful dream last night


I dreamt that I went to Heaven and St. Peter met me at the Pearly Gates


He asked me if I would like to look around, sort of a preview of what was to come


It was very beautiful and he asked how I liked Heaven


I told him it was nice, but that I liked EOD and I would hate having to give it up


Then he led me over a little hill and there lay the most beautiful EOD range one could imagine


It was flat with no blowholes and the grass was green


There were no beer cans or other junk lying around


Up on top of the hill was a solid gold ten cap blasting machine with a big silver EOD badge on it


All of a sudden a guy came stumbling by me


He was carrying two haversacks full of C-4 on his shoulder, had a pair of silver crimpers on his belt and a stack of plastic range cards hung from his neck


As he came by me, he smiled at me and then shot me the bird


 I turned to St. Peter and said


"I didn't know there were any EOD techs in Heaven"


St. Peter just grinned at me and replied


"My son ....that's God. He likes to think He's an EOD Tech"  


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