After the security of childhood, and before the insecurity of second childhood, lie the EOD MEN

EOD MEN are found everywhere:

in bars, behind bars, looking through bars, in trouble, in debt, on the range, on leave, and in lust

EOD MEN come in many varieties:

as specialists, supervisors, and masters 

They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, creeds and assorted states of sobriety, misery and confusion

 Girls love them, mothers worry about them, engineers hate them, the United States supports them, and non-EOD types envy them

An EOD MAN is innocence with a deck of cards, happiness with a can of beer, a millionaire with his demo pay, bravery with a laugh 

(and a belch)







 with the latest copy of Hustler in his hand


The EOD MAN is many things: 

a sly fox, 

an energetic turtle, 

with the memory of an elephant, 

the stamina of a race horse, 

the speed of a cheetah,

 the stubborness of a mule, 

the aspirations of a




and all the tales of a hero


When an EOD MAN wants something, he usually takes it.... unless it is going to cost him leave time... then he just goes TDY

EOD MEN dislike: 

answering reports, non-EOD requests, terminees, trainees, CQ, the week before payday, and of course, 




EOD MEN do like: 

girls, women, ladies of Any repute, females, and especially members of the opposite sex

No one can give you more vague assumptions, based on debatable figures, taken from inconclusive experiments, performed with instruments of problematic accuracy than an EOD MAN

An EOD MAN is a magical creature

 He has been accused of having doubtful reliability, and questionable mentality. You can take him off of your mailing list, purge him from your floppy disc, borrow back your compact discs, put him out of your mind, lock him out of your house....but never out of your heart


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